Ray touched so many lives, inspired so many. Where I might see flaws, Ray saw opportunities. Where I might see defeat, Ray saw accomplishment. He chose to believe only the best in everything. I can still hear my granddaughter talking about Ray getting virtually everyone at her wedding reception out on the dance floor. She is now 30 but still remembers how this one person with a vision made her wedding so very special. As long as a 30-year-old still has warm feelings for Ray and as long as all of us share our memories, he is still with us. The artist may not reside here on earth but the art he created is forever valued. RayDay reminds us to appreciate and join in Ray's vision to make the world a more beautiful place.
Kate Bacigalupo
Family Friend
Ray could not have been more generous and giving in his time, in his money, in his things. He'd give the shirt off his back if I said I was cold. He laughed easily even at the worst of jokes. He was interested in what your thoughts were, what your interests were, what your dreams were. He loved having fun with groups big or small. He was a truly treasured friend.
Sue Wolff
Family Friend
Ray listened. He had a way of making people feel like they mattered, like he cared about what you had to say; what you thought. He put you at ease, made you feel welcome. He was a gentleman. He was my friend. But one of the things I loved most about Ray was the way he treated my dear friend, Nancy. His love, appreciation, and delight in their relationship was heartening to behold.
Dorcas Wanner
Family Friend

from our 2018 students