Our Mission

Let what’s inside shine for all. 

RayDay is a reminder that we all have something to share, and that the light of generosity shines in all directions: On those who give. One those who receive. And on those who are inspired by seeing the difference a simple kindness can make.

Our purpose

To brighten lives and strengthen communities through kindness.

Our mission

Supporting kids and education in St. Charles and anywhere the sun shines.

Our mantra

Be kind. Be thoughtful. Be generous.

August 18th is our flagship day of giving, but RayDay is happening all the time – from summer-long school drive initiatives to the kindness we share in our daily lives. If you’ve got a little money, a little time or even a kind word to share, join us in making the world a little brighter.
One corner at a time.

This year, RayDay is supporting education by outfitting kids in need with news pairs of athletic shoes. Snatch up some sneakers and join the fun.