About Us

Do good, share good

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you.”
— Walt Whitman

We launched RayDay in August of 2017 to honor the life and legacy of the wonderful Ray Hefti. Ray unfailingly radiated kindness and joy in his interactions with everyone from beloved family to lucky strangers. He helped however he could, whenever he could. It’s a legacy worth passing on, so we are.


RayDay is about doing good and sharing good. We know we’re not alone in loss. So many of us have been touched by hardship, but the love in our hearts carries on. We can honor that love – be kind to ourselves – by sharing kindness with others.

Each August 18th, Ray’s birthday, we’re reminded to be kinder, more thoughtful, more generous in spirit to those in our corner of the world. We invite you to do the same. That’s what RayDay is. It simply means doing a mindful something for someone in need. No matter who. No matter why.

Take a moment. Take a day. Take each chance you find to brighten your corner.

This year, RayDay is supporting education by outfitting kids in need with new pairs of athletic shoes. Snatch up some sneakers and join the fun.