Be a Ray of Light

Our inspiration for RayDay, my husband, Ray Hefti, created a legacy through a lifelong series of moments filled with love of family, curiosity, dedication, and KINDNESS. After losing him suddenly on March 4, 2017, we were compelled to continue that legacy.

Ray was a humble man. Anywhere we went he was keenly aware of those who needed kindness – never shy to give a hand, hug, smile, or dollar. We choose to celebrate Ray’s love for life and people each year on his birthday, August 18th, by giving to our community. What began in 2017 as a few people gathering together to honor Ray has become a movement resulting in thousands of dollars raised and lives changed. I’m humbled and tremendously grateful to those who have been a part of RayDay thus far, and look forward to continuing his legacy of kindness for years to come.