Your Corner

Shine on and on

RayDay, above all else, is about random acts of sunshine. Bringing generosity and kindness into daily life. Seeing the difference a simple act of brightness can make. Becoming a champion for positivity and light.

Our Ray never hesitated to encourage others, to show faith in his fellow man and to foster growth in the world around him. So, on his birthday each year—August 18th—we give and we do. And we challenge you to do the same. For whoever you love. Wherever you live. However big or small. Sunshine Starters

  • Donate clothes and household items
  • Support your local canned food drive
  • Cook dinner for a hungry someone
  • Shovel the neighbors’ walkway
  • Be generous with compliments
  • Volunteer at a senior center
  • Volunteer anywhere
  • Shine kindness wherever you go

There’s no wrong way to make a difference. Lend your time, and be a friend to those in need. Then, share your random acts of sunshine as an inspiration for even more to do the same.